Welcome to Willway Forge

Welcome to Willway Forge
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Purchase information

Some of these items are available for purchase at;


Candle holders for 3/4" taper

Towell bar

Use for hand towell, toilet paper, kitchen towell etc. etc...

Interesting scroll plant holder

Decorative wall hanger

Indoors or out, this will hang anything from plants to candles.

Hosre shoe hooks

These are fun and each have a story of their own since they are upcycled from the farm. Sturdy enough for heavy plants, whimsical enough for just about any room.

Wrench Hooks

Heavy duty hooks for the garage!

Heart Hooks

Perfect for hanging keys or a few items such as shirts, towels, or even necklaces.

Hanging Pots

These hangers are made for hanging up Terra Cotta pots, or any other pot for that matter with a hole in the bottom of it. There is a hook on top and bottom for hanging in series.