Welcome to Willway Forge

Welcome to Willway Forge
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tea Light candle holder

This Candle holder is made from an old car tire iron.

Hardware Anvil

This Anvil was made out of recycled materials, ie; old hardware etc. The top is nearly 24 inches in length and she weighs in at about 40lbs.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Natural Desktop piece.

This is a nice little piece for holding a couple pens or pencils with a natural look.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nail Hooks

These hooks are made from old Nails. Hope you can see the colors in the pictures. They are heat tempered to bring out blues and golds.


This is a Plant pot holder made from recycled parts and pieces. It weighs approximately 75lbs to give you an idea of its size.

Flag Retirement Crucible

This Fire box was constructed for a Flag retirement ceremony.


This planter was made out of all recycled materials.

Leaf Hooks


Flower Dish

These dishes are created from all recycled materials. They are shaped to take on natural forms. The Flower dish measures 4"x1.5", The plain dish measures 3"x1".

Large waredrob hook

This Hook was formed from 1 inch wide x 1/4 inch thick mild steel. Shaped and formed to create a Nautical themed Fish tail hook with a Seahorse styled scroll at the top.


These Crosses are made from discarded Railroad spikes I have collected. I enjoy recycling metals into artistic forms.

Candle Holder or a small plant stand

Bottle Openers

The perfect companion for nights around the fire pit.